Bring Race4respect™ 2U


Devenio, Inc. is pleased to offer: Race4Respect™2U, a turn key solution to bring a race and fundraiser to your Down syndrome group and community.  With our extensive understanding of the need for quality fundraising events and awareness campaigns, we aim to provide a quality, user friendly and collaborative opportunity to the entire Down syndrome community.  

Race4Respect™ was trademarked and copyrighted to establish brand and Down Syndrome Awareness.  This is done by adhering to the three main principles and objectives:

  • Quality: Race4Respect™ is a race first and designed to engage and bring awareness to the running and broader community that is not yet connected to Down syndrome.  Build a quality event and gain respect.  Respect for the cause and Respect for the event.  
  • Collaboration: We share and we work together.  Devenio, Inc. (parent organization of R4R) is successful when you are successful.  Build a solid race, and the awareness and fundraising will follow!
  • User Friendly: If it is clunky, you will lose both participants and money.  We make the process easy to use for Down syndrome groups AND participants.

Race4Respect™ 5K & 1K Kids Dash, founded in 2014, is the only event dedicated to Down Syndrome Awareness that stops traffic in the nation's capital.   Race4Respect™ was built on the belief that if given an opportunity to experience an event together with someone who has Down syndrome, or any other disability, it will help to eliminate negative stereotypes and judgments.  These are the people that will one day be more inclined to hire these individuals, help them at the bus stop, chat with them at a coffee shop, or simply believe in their ability before automatically dismissing them as unable.  

Race4Respect™2U offers a comprehensive program for an annual fee.  

  • Annual flat fee is NOT connected to fundraising goals or income, rather the level of event, personal support and materials provided with each level. 
  • Tiered personalized advice and guidance is included in each offering.  
  • Tiered packages may include but are not limited to the following: online registration tool and set up, bulk pricing and buys for supplies, race management support, marketing support, vendor direction and more.
Gold Key Image.png

Gold: Coming First Week of June 2017!

  • Timed 5K with Fundraiser.  This option is ideal for groups with a large base that are seeking an event at the "next level" to extend their reach of engagement within the broader community.


Silver Key Licensing.png

Silver: coming First Week of June 2017!

  • Non-timed 5K with Fundraiser.  This option is ideal for groups with a small to medium base that are seeking a fresh event to extend their reach of engagement within the broader community.
Bronze Key.png

Bronze: coming First Week of June 2017!

  • Virtual option with Fundraiser.  This option is ideal for groups with limited resources or that are just beginning.